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Originally released in 1975, "Highway" had nine original songs in total, with eight songs being written by the founder of the Murphy Brothers Band - Steve Murphy.    The LP was re-released in 1990 on the Ultimasongs Label.   The LP features Steve Murphy on guitar, Dan Cammarata on drums, and Eric Bannister on bass.  The LP was produced by the members of "Highway" and Jerry Clark at West Minist'r Sound.  Engineering was by Dave Cottrell and the album artwork was made by Char Kahler.


New Vinyl available now for only $25.00

550 numbered copies, printed record sleeve with lyrics and pictures.

Remastered by John Golden from the original masters on 180 gram vinyl.


The album includes:


  1. Too Many Changes
  2. Look Away
  3. Pegasus
  4. Seems to Me
  5. Just to Be With You
  6. Bright Side
  7. Meadow
  8. Slip Away
  9. Tomorrow

"Highway" LP

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